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Chak Sopheap: The Social Healer

The Executive Director of the Cambodian Centre for Human Rights is trying to help restore the nation’s ongoing social issue where a wide range of human rights remain violated.

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From Preserving to Social Commentary: How Choreographer Nget Rady Brings Khmer Culture into Light

Built on the foundation of Khmer classical dance he gained in high school and incorporating elements of contemporary dance he picked up along the way, Rady’s career in performance art continues to flourish. But it is this modern form of movement that he believes can make the arts more relatable and useful for educating the public about important social issues.

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Join At Sotheavy’s Think Plastic for Greener Kingdom

With her expertise in video production and a love for the environment, At Sotheavy uses Facebook to advocate against single-use plastic waste through the ‘Think Plastic’ campaign. She is going against the tide of the public’s choice of short-life convenience lifestyle over the long-term impact on the environment.

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Pursat: Prahok and the life of floating community

Prahok is a dish that represents the identity of our Cambodian people because of its unique taste and smell. It is accompanied by a long presence in this land of Sovannaphum and the Cambodian people continue to practice the tradition of making prahok to this day.

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Ten to Watch

With a growing economy, new businesses on the rise and an eye on digitisation, Cambodia’s innovators now have more opportunities to shine than ever before.


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