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How to Avoid Covid-19 Fake News

The means of sharing and receiving large amounts of information has become incredibly convenient and quick in the current age of globalizing information.

If you like to read and conduct research online, every bit of information or current event occurring around the globe seems to be in your hand.

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Covid Vaccine Research Pushes Ahead, Timeline Uncertain

Vaccine development is generally a long, arduous process designed to ensure the efficacy of approved vaccines. With the immediate threat of Covid-19 changing how the world does many things, researchers are looking to drastically cut down the time before a vaccine to combat the coronavirus is available.

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Social Distancing Should Remain Practiced Despite Low Cases

Recently, there have been only a few active cases of Covid-19 in Cambodia and, presently, no patients are being hospitalized, indicating zero cases. This has resulted in celebrations or parties among a large population of society. However, the Ministry of Health continues to advise Cambodians to take strict precautions.

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