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Our Mission

Focus – Ready for Tomorrow is a social enterprise that produces engaging journalism for the key change-makers of tomorrow: a progressive generation of Cambodians who hold the keys to the future of their society. 

We are a lifestyle platform that aims to lead the discussion and make a positive impact on a sustainable future. Through our training of young aspiring media professionals and the publishing of their original video, text and audio we aim at advancing the issues that matter.

As a social enterprise we reinvest all profits back into our organization so that we can continue telling important stories and training a new generation of Cambodian media professionals.

Our Values

To be lifelong learners

We never stop learning and improving


We have an open agenda and communicate professionally


We are reliable and committed


We support the community

Who Are We?

Focus is a media site for Cambodian consumers created by Globe Media Asia, a Cambodia based regional publisher of renown titles and websites such as:

As well as custom publications and websites for clients in the region.

Meet Our Team

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Povleakhena Nov

Leakhena’s expertise revolves around the digital news media sector for more than five years from being a multimedia reporter to a content manager. She got her master degree in journalism from the University of Hong Kong, and a B.A. of media management at the Department of Media and Communication in Cambodia. She has an interest in audience development around Cambodian online media outlets and likes to follow the trends of digital journalism in her spare time.

Sereyroth Chuop

Sereyroth Chuop

Sereyroth Chuop is a professional video journalist who has been working in video and multimedia production for 6 years with local and international media organizations. Sereyroth believes that journalism is the best way to open up to the world and connect people by sharing the truth.

Vuthtey Borin

Sopheavuthtey Borin

Vuthtey has studied journalism and previously worked for various media organizations in Cambodia. She started to fall in love with journalism and soon realized that news is not all about politics – and not only politics is considered news. As an informed citizen, she believes that one needs to understand about every aspect in society. Among all of Focus – Ready for Tomorrow topics, she enjoys writing about career and health topics the most.

Thina Toch

Thina Toch

It was an eye-opening experience for Thina volunteering for local and international organizations; she realized that constant learning and sharing of knowledge is priceless. She decided that she wanted to become a reporter and learned that writing is more than a job: it is an art to share knowledge and what is really happening, with each line of text being part of a message that creates a story. Providing relevant, useful, and concrete information to our readers is her inspiration.

Dip Nasa

Nasa Dip
Project Manager

Nasa joined Focus – Ready for Tomorrow as an intern and continues her journey as Project Manager. She has profound interest in writing and believes in its power to influence society. Topics related to global affairs, social trends and issues and women empowerment are her passion. To her, future changemakers are the young people.

Navet Tab

Navet Tab

Navet Tab has been with Globe Media Asia for 6 years and is the design lead of the group. Her creative visuals are enhancing our stories where needed, and give the Focus – Ready for Tomorrow website a fresh look. Navet is also deeply versed in Indesign and helps the company produce one of the most renown Cambodian print publications, Discover Cambodia.

Panha Pov
Videography Assistant

Panha is the videography assistant who has been involved in the videos production, documentaries, TVC reports and short stories for more than 3 years, both in national and international institutes. Panha believes that video production is a reflection of social reality.

Kimhong Lim

Kimhong Lim
Videography Assistant

Kimhong is the videography assistant at Focus – Ready for Tomorrow. He started his career as a videography freelancer since high school. He has always been dreaming about telling people’s stories through videos with a belief that video is one of the most effective ways to find out what’s going on around us.

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