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Shinta Mani Wild tents

Into the wild

From the Cardamoms to Mondulkiri, these wilderness resorts will stir the imaginations of adventurous and affluent travellers

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Where the wild things are

Mondulkiri is Cambodia’s largest yet most sparsely populated province, home to evergreen forests and undulating hills. We visit the Jahoo Gibbon Camp and the Elephant Valley Project, two ecotourism initiatives aiming to protect some of the country’s most endangered wildlife as well as the land that the indigenous Bunong have lived off for centuries

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Sustainable traveling in Cambodia

For modern travelers, ecotourism is a growing trend, especially popular for young people and this sustainable traveling makes for both a relaxing getaway and a means to help the locals.

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The Lost Letters from Northeastern Uphill

There was once a trio of Young Turks living in the heart of hectic Phnom Penh but decided to upsticks and head to the forests of Mondulkiri Province. Will the three survive in the wild? WORDS BY Phannaro NHEM, Thina TOCH, Sopheavuthtey BORIN

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