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Tips Before Applying for Loans

Oeur Sothearoath, chief executive officer of the Credit Bureau Cambodia (CBC), provides some useful tips for customers who are thinking of taking out a loan.

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Interview: Loans

“Credit is a double-edged sword. You can either benefit from credit and improve your life, or end up burdened if you use it for the wrong purposes.”

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ID Poor vs. Covid-19

Covid-19 has crippled Cambodia’s economy, causing less fortunate people who had already encountered financial issues to face more difficulties and hardships.

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The Pandemic Spurs Help within Communities While Some People Become Immoral Opportunists

Since the spread of Covid-19 in Cambodia, a wave of help across communities has continuously been enlisted. Government officials have offered up their salaries to the Inter-Ministerial Committee to Combat Covid-19, while Cambodian people have come to the aid of others with money for the expenses of equipment to combat the virus. Also, communities have supported one another with food supplies, masks, hand sanitizers and soaps, in particular to those who could not afford them, and some landlords have been reported given discounts to their tenants. 

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