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Sustainable traveling in Cambodia

For modern travelers, ecotourism is a growing trend, especially popular for young people and this sustainable traveling makes for both a relaxing getaway and a means to help the locals.

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Toch Thina, the host of our new series, Cambodian Eats!

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5 provinces. 5 cuisines. 5 thought-provoking questions around these environments.

EP 1: Mondulkiri  🌿⛰️

For the first episode, we take you to the northeastern mountain ranges, home to the largest population of indigenous people in Cambodia, Mondulkiri province. Discover the traditional dish, Prong soup, which is cooked in bamboo with local ingredients sourced from the forest.
This community and nature used to live together as one. Learn about how they are figuring out ways to live together in the modern era.

EP 2: Stung Treng province🌿🐟

In the second episode, we travel to Stung Treng province, where the Mekong, Sesan, Sekong, and Srepork rivers flow. These valuable water resources welcome the Mekongina fish, famous for its name and deliciously sweet and oily taste. We meet Mr. Sithan, a veteran fisherman who has experienced life on the water over many decades, who tells us more.

EP 3: Pursat province🌿💦

In the third installment, we explored life floating in Tonle Sap. Our location is Pursat province, one of the five provinces located around Tonle Sap Lake. In addition, we examine the livelihood for the community of Kampong Luong floating village in Pursat, which is full of people living on the vast waters of the Tonle Sap. Fishing for making prahok is popular in the area due to the favourable fish resource from the Tonle Sap Lake.

EP 4: Kampot province🌿🦀

In the fourth episode of the Cambodian Eats! We explored the lives of people in the coastal area. Our destination is Kampot province, one of the four provinces in the kingdom bordering the Gulf of Thailand. In addition, we examine the livelihood of the Trapeang Ropov Fishing Community. Crab fishing is an important work amongst the Trapang Ropov Fishing Community as well as other communities in Kampot province.

EP 5: Kampong Speu🌿🌴

In the fifth episode of the Cambodian Eats! We explored the livelihood of people working on palm sugar production. Our destination is Kampong Speu province which has the most palm trees in Cambodia.

In addition, we examine the livelihood of the members of the Kampong Speu Palm Sugar Promotion Association. Palm sugar has a strong bond with Cambodia and is the livelihood of farmers in Kampong Speu while showing its economic potential in the international market.

😎 Behind the scenes

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About the Project

Cambodian Eats! is a multimedia project about Cambodian local unique dishes in various provinces and reporting the communities behind them. We aim to encourage young Cambodians to play a role in preserving the identity, traditions, and environment that make us Cambodians proud—five thought-provoking questions around these facing environmental issues. Powered by Focus – Ready for Tomorrow, this project was made possible with the support of Internews Earth Journalism Network.

Project credits

  1. Reporting: Dip Nasa, Ro Kimlong, Som Dara, Sopheavuthtey Borin, Thina Toch
  2. Photo and Video Production: Sereyroth Chuop, Lim Kimhong, Sopheavuthtey Borin, Thina Toch
  3. Illustration: Thina Toch, Som Dara
  4. Design: Navet Tab, JiHye Kim
  5. Social Media: JiHye Kim, Sopheavuthtey Borin, Thina Toch
  6. Editor: Nov Povleakhena, Stew Post, Alastair McCready

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