The ideas, customs, and social behaviour of Cambodia

Fantasy islands

More than 60 islands adorn the Cambodian coast. Our selection of some of the kingdom’s most memorable retreats makes the choice easy

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Image of Phnom Penh skyline at night

Bridges to opportunity

Cambodia’s economy enters a new phase in 2024. Growth is expected to be driven by infrastructure upgrades, foreign investment and a rebound of tourism

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Ready to compete

To Integrate and enhance engagement in regional markets, the Kingdom is exploring new avenues of connectivity

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‘Stay’ guide to the South

Cambodia’s 443-km coastline is the place to go to slow down after fast-paced adventures in the capital and temple-hopping in the northwest. Focus Cambodia shares our guide to where to stay when visiting the south, with Kep boasting luxurious hillside resorts and Kampot as the ideal riverside sanctuary to spend lazy days in the sun

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6 to know

Meet some of the influential people who are shaping an era of growth for the modern Kingdom

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Workshop at Harpswell Cambodia

Future focus

Leadership and critical thinking lay the educational groundwork for
a career path that extends across Southeast Asia

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Heng Sour in interview

Upskilling a generation

Ensuring that Cambodia’s youth have jobs that allow for sustainable incomes is a key government policy. Minister of Labour and Vocational Training Heng Sour ensures it is met with results

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